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AX30851 Steel Spur Gear 32P 48T

AX30851 Steel Spur Gear 32P 48T 
Heavy Duty 32P Steel Spur Gears

If you plan to put some serious horsepower to the ground with your EXO, we have just the part for you. These precision machined for high quality steel 32 pitch spur gears are ready to accept the challenge and can handle any amount of motor you can install in your EXO. For that extra piece of mind and durability, Axial’s new steel spur gears are up to the task.

• CNC machined from steel for precision and strength

• Hard Anodized for durability

• Direct replacement for stock EXO spur gears

• 32 pitch for durability

• Available in 48T, 50T, 52T and 54T for numerous final drive ratio choices

• Laser etched logo and tooth count

Model: ax30851
Shipping Weight: 0.2lbs
Manufactured by: Axial Racing

SKU AX30851
Quantity in stock 1 item(s) available
Weight 0.10 lbs
Price: $24.99


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